You want your website to be fast and responsive like everyone.
Websites are being hacked all the time no matter how small your presence. Big names make the news, small ones just disappear and lose their business to random attacks.

The solution is CDN for fast website as well as a firewall between the hackers and your website. However the setup can be complicated and difficult for most, not to mention sufficient experience is necessary to operate these services effectively.

We now provide this service where we do all the hard work of putting together the best solution in the most cost effective manner for businesses to use. We use economies of scale to bring the same cost savings that very large enterprises enjoy along with the safety, performance and security of operating your online business. We do this the same way we operate our email service, by bringing together several parties to negotiate better pricing. In addition we have our own local in house expertise and we aim to keep our operation minimal so we can transfer savings to our customers.

This same service you can get elsewhere for anywhere between 5000US$ to 100,000US$++ in setup fees alone.

What is included for S$29/month


The Premium CDN or Content Delivery Network is for one Hostname per subscription and must be same as the Web Application Firewall.
You can include as many ALIAS hostnames.,which are hostnames that point to same site: e.g. and are considered one.

A Standard CDN without WAF will be automatically provided for all minisites/subdomains and have DDoS protection enabled.


The Domain Name System service covers your entire Domain name and all records in the DNS to which your site belongs.

Web Application Firewall

Premium firewall for ONE SITE/HOSTNAME (same as premium CDN above).
It works with 99% of all websites to block attacks without manual intervention.
We will analyse your website and create up to 2 additional custom WAF rules as we deem fit that block the most common attacks.
Automatically blocks bad Bots and scrapers but not good bots like Google, Bing, etc.
Automatically blocks attack traffic
Prevents a great deal of Spam sign ups if you have a form like contact us or Login/registration page by serving a Captcha Challenge.

If you have a specific issue, please do to let us know and we will investigate on how to resolve.


Normal Business day email support is included. We usually respond within 2 days for general enquiries. Changes to DNS, Firewall or CDN are responded to within a day.
Up to two changes are included every month.

How to integrate.

We take care of the entire setup end to end. You only need to do one step on your Domain Registrar side.
Please have the following information ready when we contact you.

– Domain name
– Your current Domain registrar
– The website/hostname you need to have Premium CDN+Premium Firewall for. Only 1 per subscription

We will email you from our company email address requesting this information and other details.

Allow 3-5 business days for the setup to be completed barring any complications.

SSL is NOT included

If you need SSL please let us know before you sign up. SSL setup has additional costs and integrations that are not covered by this plan.
Advanced setup outside of our basic template is not included. If it so happens, your setup requires more effort than time affords we will refund your subscription at the start. We understand that this service may not be for everyone so we want to settle this amicably and serve those who need this.

Technical support with fixing your website is NOT included

We only deal with issues related to DNS/Firewall/CDN. If the scope is outside of this we may bill you additionally for these.


Q. How much Data transfer is included:
A. 100 Gigabytes per month is included in the starting plan. You can add more bandwidth at $10/50 GB/month.
For high volume ( >2 TB) please contact us.
If you already know that your property needs more bandwidth then please let us know at sign up or by contacting us before sign up.

Q. What is the SLA provided?
A. We do not provide any SLA in principle since we are VAR/integrators but if you require SLA for approval purposes please contact us before signing up.
CDN+WAF service is 100% SLA for the purposes of Uptime

Q. DDos Protection.
A. The CDN is always DDoS protected. To protect your server/origin additional setup is required and you need technical hands-on in order to enable this correctly. Contact us to learn more.

Q. Do you protect against bots/scrapers/malicious traffic?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you provide IP Blocking?
A. Yes, you need to contact us by email. We will enter the IP blocking for you up to twice a month but it must be a single list each time. If you need more then you should describe your problem in detail so we can help you more effectively. IP blocking is usually not necessary.

Q. Do you provide SOC Security Operations Center service?
A. No.

Q. Do you have servers in Singapore?
A. Of course. Our CDN providers have servers globally.

Q. What if I have 2 sites like and and need WAF+CDN for both?
A. You can add on additional sites for S$9/month

Terms and Conditions:
Allow 3-5 business days for new accounts to be operational.

This service requires approval from Seas Cloud Pte Ltd before service can begin. If we do not approve your use at the start of service we will refund in full.

We reserve the right to change the terms of our service at any time.