Cloud Hosting Singapore

Handle too much success like a pro

The succesful website or service becomes popular, it is hopefully faced with one or both of the following issues.

  • a large spike in traffic
  • a more frequent and even directed attacks to bring down the business

There are two ways one can go about fixing this as an online business owner.

  • Invest heavily in infrastructure and resources as well as personnel to maintain existing services rather than develop new services or improve offering
  • Simply collapse and let the new found popularity subside as frustrated users leave your site for good.

However even if one were to begin investing, how does an entrepreneur really know whether she is prematurely investing in more resources or risk being too late. As we all know it takes time to put together  team as well as deal with vendors to acquire additional resources. We definitely will not be given that much time and end up loosing on what could have been a very successful venture.

It is entirely possible to completely enjoy the success and look forward to more. Advertise freely without worrying about whether your resources can handle the traffic. All this is very possible and practical as well as within reasonable cost. There is more than enough information around as to why this is, so to keep it short.

  • Avoid buzzword toting consultants
  • Look at the business bottomline and KNOW that cloud can save you money, only thing remaining is, who and when we can do this.

Benefit from the Cloud Technologies to reduce cost, improve service availability and provide greater customer satisfaction, peace of mind and improved security with expert guidance on the path to moving your business to the cloud platforms.

Seas Cloud has extensive experience applying Cloud technologies in real world Industries like

– Ecommerce

– Manufacturing Industries

– Financial reporting

– Scientific and statistical calculation

– VOIP, XMPP and File sending deployments

– Online Gaming

– High traffic social networking sites, coupon sites and directories

– Mass email marketing solutions.

– Shipping and Manufacturing related software developed and offered on the Cloud

– Web service oriented infrastructure as well as Mobile Gaming backend