SMTP Service for Bulk emails

Singapore Bulk email service

Emails form the center of communication with customers. Several forms of emails are communicated to customers or users on a regular basis. Typical emails businesses are sending include but not limited to:

Transactional emails – Email address verification, forgot password, order confirmation etc which are mostly automatically generated emails by a system that are triggered on specific events. These are usually highly priority emails that should not end up in spam and must reach the customer.

Communication blasts – Marketing, Campaigns and newsletters generally fall into this category. These type of emails are more likely to be marked as spam when using self hosted or random providers generally due to service abuse by spammers. While 100% delivery is not guaranteed by anyone in the industry due to limitations inherent to the Email system, all businesses desire that their communications reach their potential customers with good intent.


Several businesses have invested or resorted to tiring techniques of rotating IP addresses or finding ISPs that are less likely to result in emails to customers ending up in Spam box and therefore completely ignored. While software is available to manage the campaigns it is preferred and accepted to use a third party service to handle all list management and email sending. This has serious limitations.


Another glaring trend in rising businesses is the use of batch processing to send emails as they find there is a hidden rate limit factor. This is usually somewhere around 200 emails per hour or sometimes per day. How can a business grow with these technical limitations. If you had 100,000 customers in your list it would take almost a month to send one campaign!


With Seas Cloud Email Marketing service you can be assured of a hassle free SMTP service that has one of the highest industry delivery rates for emails, enormous capacity of the Cloud and ability to send millions of emails within a day. Some of the biggest brands in the world use the same platform for their daily sales and marketing messages to customers worldwide!

We also offer the lowest bulk pricing even for low volumes saving thousands of dollars for Businesses on a daily basis.


You can use our User friendly and Secure interface to send email blast, trusted by over 1000 organizations and millions of emails sent everyday.

  • Hassle Free and no setup cost.
  • No on premise software or hardware required. No hidden cost.
  • 100X cheaper than competitors
  • Less than 24 hours to activate
  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Assistance with DKIM setup to reduce bounces*
  • Assistance with SPF record setup *
  • Automatic Bounce & Complaint email management
  • Awesome charts on your data out of the box
  • Unlimited Lists and Campaigns
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Generate Sign Up form for any list in one click
  • Setup auto responders.

Optional: If you already have Email marketing software on your website and you need to use a reliable SMTP server for sending bulk emails please contact us for quotes.

for Singapore Registered Entities

  • 2000 emails/month